PHASE 4, INC. supports the manufacturing operations of Electronics, Aerospace, and other industries with Equipment, Tooling, Components, Piece Parts, and Engineering. The combination of companies that we represent, and the experience of our staff, enables us to offer the following products and services:

SolderingWave, Dip, Hot Bar, Flame, Laser, Reflow (Convection, Vapor Phase, I.R.), CNC Controlled Selective Soldering

WeldingLaser, Capacitive Discharge, AC Resistance, Linear DC Resistance, Projection, Seam Sealers, Ultrasonic, Spin, TIG, Vibration

Printed Circuit Board Applications Stencil Printers, Pick & Place Machines, Insertion Machines, Terminals, Tabs, Lugs, Component Taping, Laser Markers, Depanelizing, Reflow Ovens, Aqueous Washers, ESD Protection, ESD Measurement, Bare Circuit Boards

Wire / Cable / Harness Applications Cutting, Stripping, Splicing, Coil Winding, Grommets, Radius Control, Testing

Semiconductor Packaging & Hybrid Circuit Assembly Die Attach Machines, Wire Bond Machine, Screen Printers, Cure Ovens, Trim & Form Tool, Component Placement, Conductive Ink

Cleaning – Ultrasonic, Aqueous, Batch, and in-line Fully Automated Systems

Inspection – Automated AOI, IR Verification, Weld Quality Monitors, X-Ray, Solder Paste Inspection, Cable Testers & Analyzers

Workstations & Material Handling – Benches, Carts, Conveyors

Custom Automation – Robotic Cells, Automated Inspection/Testing

Tooling – Fixtures, Solder Pallets, Hand Tools, Hand Cutters